Located in Toulouse city center, the hostel is easy to reach by different means of transportation.

Information about the hostel, the rooms or a booking request

We are available everyday to answer your questions by phone at the number +33 7 60 88 17 17 from 10:00am to 12:30am and from 2pm to 8pm

or by email at auberge.toulouse@gmail.com

Finding the hostel Saint-Sernin in Toulouse

La Petite Auberge de Saint-Sernin
17 rue d’Embarthe
31000 Toulouse

Opening hours of the reception:
from 10:00am to 12:30am;
and from 2pm to 8pm

How to arrive at la Petite Auberge de Saint-Sernin from the Capitole square on foot?

Take the street “rue des Lois” and then “rue des Salenques” (in a row) until a roundabout where you will turn right in the street “rue d’Embarthe”. The hostel is then at the number 17.

From the train station Matabiau (“gare SNCF”) and bus station
boulevard Pierre Semard on foot:

From the train station, take the street “rue Bayard” just in front of the train station and continue until the end (800 m), then turn on your right on the boulevard de Strasbourg. You need to walk 800 meters more and, at the first roundabout, turn left to go to the square Arnaud Bernard. Cross the square in its length and take the street Arnaud Bernard. You will arrive at a small square in the form of a triangle called “place des Tiercerettes”. Take the street on your right. The hostel is at number 17 in “rue d’Embarthe” and it takes around 25 minutes to reach it from the train station.

From the train station Matabiau (“gare SNCF”) and bus station
boulevard Pierre Semard by metro:

A ticket costs 1,70€.
Take the underground line A towards Basso Cambo. Get off at the station Jean Jaurès to take line B towards Borderouge. Get off at Compans-Caffarelli and take the “Cité Administrative” exit.
Pay attention, it’s here that you shoud not mix street and boulevard: take the street Lascrosses which is perpendicular to boulevard Lacrosses until you reach a roundabout. The street “rue d’Embarthe” is on the left (second street on the left when in “rue Lascrosses”) and the hostel is at the number 17.

From Toulouse Blagnac Airport:

When you are outside Blagnac Airport, walk along the building on your right and and you should easily find the tram station and the bus station next to it on its right.

The bus shuttle goes to the city centre and stops near the metro station Compans-Caffarelli after a 10-15 minutes trip depending on traffic conditions. Then, next to the metro station, take “rue Lascrosses” (street) that is perpendicular to the Boulevard Lascrosses (pay attention not to mix them). Take the second street on the left and you are in rue d’Embarthe with the hostel at number 17. A one-way ticket costs 8 € and you can buy it at a vending machine outside of the airport or in the bus in cash.

For 1,70 €, you can also use the tram from the airport and then the metro to reach the hostel. The tram part is from the airport to the station “Palais de Justice” were you can take the metro line B to reach the station “Compans-Caffarelli”. See above to go to the hostel on foot from there.

Driving to Toulouse

If you arrive by the ring road, to the North or the South, take the outer ring road and enter the town following the direction centre ville (city center) Amidonniers, then follow the direction Arnaud Bernard. Once you reach “place Arnaud Bernard”(Arnaud Bernard square), turn right and cross the square in its length, then turn right in the Arnaud Bernard street. You will arrive on a small triangular square, “place des Tiercerettes”. Take the street on the right, rue d’Embarthe, and stop at number 17.
We are in the city center and don’t have any parking lot. You can then park your car in the streets in the neighborhood or you can use the more secure paying parking lots nearby, one on the Arnaud Bernard square, the other near the metro station Compans-Caffarelli.

Going to Toulouse with your own bus:

Be aware that if you have a big bus you have to get off on boulevard Lascrosses as only small buses up to 9 seats can get in the street “rue d’Embarthe”!