Hostel equipment


Comfort and services at the hostel

To make your stay more comfortable and convivial, there are several things at your disposal:

  • Kitchenette and bathroom in each dorm.
  • Common room, musical instruments (guitar, banjo and piano), free Wi-Fi and public computer with Internet connexion, washing machine at 3 € per wash, etc.
  • Hairdryer, towel, iron and ironing board, board games, card decks and sport balls for the little multisport court in the park nearby that we can lend you in exchange of a deposit or ID card or passeport (except for the towel).
  • Lift



To make the hostel more secure, there are : two codes and a key to get in and out of the hostel and have access to your dorm ; a locker in the room for each guest (more or less 45x45x25cm) and cameras to track what happens in key areas of the hostel.

To be able to use the locker, you need a padlock and you can use your own or we can lend you one in exchange of a 10 € deposit or a credit card number.